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3AW fan Gladys Nutbean celebrates her 100th birthday!

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A 3AW fan turned 100 today!

Gladys Nutbean was only allowed a party of one, because of restrictions placed on nursing home visits to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading.

But it didn’t dampen her spirits.

The Rumour File heard about Ms Nutbean’s special day this morning and 3AW’s Dee Dee spoke to the centenarian as she celebrated lunch with her son.

Her grandchildren and children, all 36 in total, stood outside her door and waived from a distance.

“It’s just a wonderful, wonderful day,” Mrs Nutbean told Dee Dee.

The 3AW fan, who misses Bruce and Phil, shared some sage advice on living a long and happy life.

“Be nice to everybody and do a good turn now and again without asking for things back,” she said.

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Mrs Nutbean’s son, Paul, said he was grateful he was allowed him to visit his mum.

“I’m the lucky man, I’ve won the big ticket. There’s four boys … and I’ve got the ticket to go and see her!,” he said.

“We’re having lunch and we’ve just had a fantastic celebration and read out the cards from the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Governor-General. It has just been great,” he said.

“We’re just lucky to have her.”

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