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3AW Mornings caller Alice updates Neil Mitchell

When Alice called 3AW Mornings to speak to Scott Morrison, she was frustrated that a Centrelink form was stopping her accessing funds to help care for her baby boy.

Alice’s 7-month-old son Levi has a genetic kidney condition which means he has daily injections, visits the hospital twice a week and will eventually need a kidney transplant.

But she was unable to access the carers allowance with the way the Centrelink form was set out.

The Social Services Minister told Alice at the time it would be investigated, and this morning she had an update for Neil Mitchell.

‘Yes we have been approved,’ she happily told Neil.

‘We got the lovely call on Tuesday and they were even willing to backpay us from when we first submitted the application as well.’

The extra $121 a fortnight will help cover petrol costs to and from the hospital and parking.

‘It’s a small step, and anything is greatly appreciated,’ she said.

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