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3AW Mornings listener exposes dodgy tradie scam that could have cost her thousands

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A 3AW Mornings listener has exposed a dodgy tradie scam that could have cost her thousands.

Anne (not her real name) contacted Neil Mitchell, concerned she was being ripped off.

A man she’d never met approached her while she was in her front yard recently, claiming he’d spotted damage on her roof while he was working on a neighbour’s.

He offered to fix it.

With no reason to doubt him, Anne agreed and the man began work.

But one problem quickly became several and the quote blew out to $6600.

While Anne was working out how she was going to pay, her instincts kicked in.

Something didn’t feel right.

Those concerns only grew when the man rang her 16 times and sent a threatening email.

Well, she was on the money.

Consumer Affairs have since confirmed they have a file on the man in question and it is a criminal matter.

Thankfully, Anne hadn’t given the man any money.

But she wants to warn others.

“These people are very, very convincing,” she said.

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