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3AW Mornings travels Melbourne’s train network

What state is Melbourne’s rail system really in?

After uncovering a water leak in the underground, 3AW Mornings decided to find out.

Program producer Michael Hilder spent Tuesday morning travelling the network to see what he could find.

And it was alarming.

  • The trains, stations and equipment were riddled with graffiti.
  • Many buildings were in a state of disrepair, with crumbling walls and metal struts broken.
  • Toilets in horrific condition.
  • Used syringes. Everywhere.
  • A man indecently assault a woman, who ran away.
  • Pregnancy tests on the ground.
  • Another man arrested for verbal abusing commuters.
  • Dangling cables.
  • Broken glass in carparks.
  • Overgrown and dead gardens at most stations.

3AW Mornings visited about 30 stations in total, but one stood out as the worst – Albion.

Click PLAY below to hear Michael Hilder’s cross from Albion Station.

Neil Mitchell questioned what could be done to fix the problem.

‘When are we going to get serious about fixing public transport?’ he said.

But Michael said it would take more than a bit of time, money and effort.

‘It’s buggered,’ he said.

PICTURES: What you’ll find on Melbourne’s train network…