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3AW Top Choice – CPAP Victoria


Don’t ignore the snore! Sleep apnoea is a serious condition that can even become life-threatening.

At the very least, it can cause the sufferer mental and physical fatigue during the day due to lack of quality sleep. Not to mention disturbing and worrying the snorer’s partner.

Geoff ‘Coxy’ Cox controlled his sleep apnoea with a CPAP machine from CPAP Victoria, and says it’s the greatest thing he’s done in recent years, hugely improving his health and well-being.

CPAP Victoria are experts in CPAP therapy, support and advice at the best price. Coxy recommends them as your first point of call!


CPAP Victoria is Sleep Foundation-accredited, and can guide you through the entire process, from getting a diagnosis, to selecting the right CPAP equipment for you.  

With CPAP Victoria, you get excellent service and greater choice. They stock all the best brands, with new technology arriving all the time. 

If you currently use CPAP equipment, and haven’t updated it for a while, visit CPAP Victoria to see if the latest machines and masks can enhance your sleep experience even further.

With seven clinics around Melbourne, find your nearest by visiting  or call 1300 750 006.

Coxy says ‘It changed my life, it’ll change yours!’


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