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3AW Top Choice – Luv-a-Duck


It’s Make May Luv-a-Duck Month!

And it’s all about the ease of cooking delicious duck dishes using Luv-a-Duck’s products. Look for Luv-a-Duck’s product in supermarkets, fine food stores and all good butchers and delis.

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Duck is a great source of protein and is incredibly versatile. 

You can use Luv-a-Duck’s products in salads, wraps, rice paper rolls, noodles, tacos, pasta, pies, soups, meatballs, BBQs and of course the good old roast.

Duck can play a starring role anywhere you might normally use other meats.

Try duck for breakfast or lunch, a casual dinner  – or a dinner party to impress.

Luv-a-Duck’s dishes and recipes are so quick and easy to prepare.

See for numerous recipes, kitchen and BBQ tips, and ‘how to’ video tips from Luv-a-Duck ambassador Justine Schofield.