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40-minute crime spree from CBD to Glen Iris


A mother and her children were threatened with their lives amid a man’s 40-minute crime spree through Melbourne.

He also stole several cars and caused multiple collisions.

The chaos started at about 7pm last night when the man, 39, tried to steal a BMW and a Ford before successfully making off in a Toyota Echo.

Shocked on-lookers watched as he crashed into a taxi near Federation Square and drove on the wrong side of the road.

He also hit a Ford Ranger before leaving the CBD.

In Glen Iris, he ditched the Toyota after another collision.

He tried to carjack a BMW but couldn’t work out how to drive it, so instead threatened to kill a woman and her young children if she didn’t hand over the keys to her Honda.

Police did not engage in any pursuits throughout the 40-minute ordeal.

The man was eventually arrested on foot in the city.

He was taken to hospital and is expected to be charged with several offences to face court later today.