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6 Things We Learnt On The Bus By Talking To Each Other Instead Of Kissing

There was one, clearly marked rule in the bus that took us to Malacca yesterday.


Ever obedient, the Breakfast team avoided locking lips for two whole hours and – forced to communicate – made six key discoveries.

Some serious, some silly, some plain disturbing.

1. Burnso loves Notting Hill

Julia Roberts in Notting Hill.

Julia Roberts in Notting Hill.

And we mean LOVE.

He spent quite a while quoting the film, including the above scene in which Julia Roberts famously puts her heart on the line to Hugh Grant: ‘Don’t forget, I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her…’

He even admitted to completing the Notting Hill tour – a guided drive around the sites where the rom-com was filmed.

The bus was shocked. Ross in particular.

2. Chicken is really cheap in Malaysia

Our guide, Rithzuan, was a walking encyclopedia.

Our guide, Rithzuan, was a walking encyclopaedia.

As revealed by our trusty guide, Rithzuan.

It’s only $8MYR per kilogram (about $2.66AUS). Australian chicken can be more than four times that price.

3. The Malaysian road toll is huge

We drove past this rolled car on the way.

We drove past this rolled car on the way.

Roughly 5000 people die on the roads every year, an incredible figure for a nation of 28 million.

Australia’s annual road toll has been less than 2000 for the past 20 years.

We saw several near misses and drive past the above aftermath of a smash, which left a car on its roof.

4. Burnso loves Ronan Keating


And he reckons When You Say Nothing At All is one of the great romantic songs of our time.


5. Ela Carte is the only member of our travelling party who can’t see the Petronas Towers from her room

Bad luck, Kate.

Bad luck, Kate.


6. Burnso measures every road trip by the Mornington Peninsula


Having asserted Kuala Lumpur-Malacca was the equivalent of Melbourne-Mornington, we got updates every 10 minutes

‘We’ve just passed Brighton.’

‘There goes Elsternwick.’

‘Leaving Frankston now.’

The flight home should be interesting…