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7 random celebrity truths we never knew from the most unlikely of sources

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Who knew? Craig Willis is a walking encyclopedia of random celebrity facts.

It all came about after singer Tottie Goldsmith put a post on Instagram attesting to the good health of her aunt, Olivia Newton-John.

Kate remarked she never knew Tottie was Olivia’s niece.

That’s when Craig began reeling off his fun facts.

  • Olivia Newton-John is the third cousin of UK comedian Ben Elton
  • Opposition leader Bill Shorten is a twin
  • Former Australian Rugby Union player Matt Giteau is the brother-in-law of Sydney Swans star Lance Franklin
  • Spike Milligan was born in India
  • Red Symons and the Bee Gees came out to Australia from England on the same ship
  • British politician Boris Johnson taught at Geelong Grammar campus Timbertop on his gap year
  • Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and actress Dame Angela Lansbury are cousins 

“You’re making that one up!” Kate exclaimed in relation to that last one.

He’s not Kate, see Tweet below!

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