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$75,000 already pledged towards the TLC special ambulance for terminally ill kids

Last year the Neil Mitchell program, TLC for kids and Ambulance Victoria came up with an idea.

A plan to give terminally ill kids one last trip out of hospital, to the beach, or visit friends, or go to the zoo – whatever they like.

“The plan is to re-fit an ambulance out to take children, who are dying, out of hospital for a final trip,” Neil said.

Tim Conolan, CEO TLC for Kids, and Tony Walker, CEO of Ambulance Victoria  joined Neil in the studio today to give an update on the special ambulance.

“Everyone has fulfilled the promises they made on that day (Neil’s final show of 2018 at the Collingwood Children’s Farm),” Tim said

“There was $75,000 in total that’s been pledged so far.

“We’re anticipating about $100,000 for the fit out then about $50,000 a year to fund the actual trips.”

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“Not having medical equipment sitting there in their faces is important in my view,” Tony said.

Tony Walker said paramedics will volunteer their time to go on trips with kids.

“They join the profession to help people, they see some of the worst things in society,” he said.

“To be a part of something like this with a family recharges their batteries, puts something back in the bank.

“It’s a great idea, it’s going to work,” Neil said.