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80,000 rescue missions later, lifesaver crews are urging for water safety

In its fifth series, the award-winning series Air Rescue is back on this summer, but the show aims to drive home the importance of water safety.

The show captures the dramatic rescues performed by the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service which has performed more than 80,000 rescue missions over the past four decades.

Joining Michael McLaren is 32-year-veteran of the service is helicopter crewman Tony Waller.

“The show is great viewing for the general public. It gives a birds-eye-view of what we actually do in the back of the aircraft.

“There’s plenty of good days. Other days you go home and you’ve been with families on the worst days of their lives.

“You have drowned, young children and that’s probably one of the messages we want to get out.

“We’ve had a bit of a horror month. We’ve only just started the holiday period and we’ve already had a number of deaths.

“You need to be ever-vigilant.”

Listen to the full interview below

Michael McLaren