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90% of Melbourne’s weeds are edible — and this one is ‘absolutely beautiful’, but…

Doris Pozzi doesn’t know why we stopped eating weeds.

But she’s determined to see us restart with the launch of her new book, Edible Weeds and Garden Plants of Melbourne.

Doris told Ross and John a whopping 90 per cent of Melbourne’s weeds are edible — not to mention delicious.

“The most delicious weed in my opinion is nettle (pictured above),” she said.

“Absolutely beautiful in soup or add to your smoothie in the morning.

“You’ve got to be a bit careful with that one of course, keep your gloves on when you collect it, and then pop it in the blender or give it a light steam and you’re ready to go.

“Over the years for some reason we’ve forgotten about them as delicious and nutritious.”

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