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A $5000 reward has been posted for the return of a missing teddy bear

How much would you offer for a reward.. to get back something that means a lot to you?

A poster has been taped to a power pole along the Hume Highway offering a reward for a missing Teddy Bear. 

The bear is a little brown teddy bear with a light blue knitted jumper.

The extraordinary thing about this poster is the reward…


The man who put up the posters is Alexey Mirinov he spoke with Neil Mitchell

‘I bought the teddy for my wife 10 year ago’

‘it’s now a part of our family’ 

They have completed 2 trips up the Hume highway and back looking for the bear with no luck. 

The bear share similarities with The Simpson

The bear share similarities with The Simpson’s Mr Burns’ teddy, Bobo.

Click PLAY below to hear Alexey’s campaign to find the lost bear