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‘A big political coup’: Scott Morrison joins Donald Trump for opening of Australian paper mill in Ohio

Image: Saul Loeb

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has joined US President Donald Trump to open Australian businessman Anthony Pratt’s newest paper mill factory in rural Ohio.

The opening resembled a Trump rally in many ways, with cries of ‘USA, USA’ and lots of Trump 2020 paraphernalia.

Macquarie Media’s Joel Labi was in Ohio, he described the opening as “a big political coup for Scott Morrison”.

“They received him warmly, he managed to crack a few jokes,” Mr Labi told 3AW’s Nick McCallum.

“The theme was jobs, from the President’s speech to the PM’s speech, both of them used this common theme of jobs throughout their election campaigns and both have reiterated it throughout their terms in office as well, and that resonates with places like rural Ohio.”

“It is good for the Prime Minister and his press to be seen alongside a world leader and having such a good relationship with the United States, and really, that is what the point of the trip is.”

But a comparison made by Australian cardboard king Anthony Pratt confused crowds and the US President.

“Anthony Pratt described ScoMo as ‘the Bradman of jobs,” Mr Labi said.

“The President didn’t have any idea who Don Bradman was.

“I think they compared him to Babe Ruth and then the President seemed to get it!”

The visit brings formal celebrations of the US-Australia alliance to an end.

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