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‘A bloody joke’: Pauline Hanson censored by Twitter over controversial video

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Pauline Hanson says Twitter is a “bloody joke” after it took down a video the controversial One Nation leader posted online and temporarily suspended her account.

In the video, Ms Hanson suggested electrified cattle prods should be used on climate change protesters who have been causing major traffic disruptions in Brisbane of late.

Twitter removed the video for breaching its guidelines about “incitement” and “wishing physical harm” on a group of people.

Speaking on 3AW, Ms Hanson accused Twitter of being the “thought police”.

Neil Mitchell asked Ms Hanson if she ever received threats on Twitter.

“Of course I do, I get it all the time and they don’t take them down,” Ms Hanson said.

“It’s a bloody joke.”

She said the video was “tongue-in-cheek” but it’s still unclear whether she was, in fact, joking.

Neil Mitchell: “So do you recommend using cattle prods on demonstrators or not?”

Pauline Hanson: “Well, I tell you what … possibly, if I wasn’t charged and they wouldn’t move on.”

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