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A change is a brewing: New owners of VB to announce change tomorrow

A cryptic post has appeared on Victoria Bitter’s socials boasting “things are changing at VB” and drinkers aren’t happy.

Tomorrow the company will unveil it’s big announcement saying they are “confident [they] got it right this time.”

Back in 2012 the taste and the alcohol content of the iconic beer subtlety changed and drinkers didn’t like it.

A year later the company was forced to go back to the old packaging and branding.

Matt Kirkegaard, Founder of Australian Brews News, says changing the recipe again could come at the brands detriment.

“They would be absolutely mad if they were to mess with the beer again,” said Mr Kirkegaard.

“I don’t think this is actually anything to do with the beer, I think the announcement will be about something else.

“I think they’ve found a great way to market a change that may of otherwise not mad the news.”

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