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A common food additive may make you more prone to the flu

A common food additive found in cooking oil, frozen fish, crackers, and chips could make you more susceptible to getting the flu.

A US study on mice has found that ‘TBHQ’, a food additive used to preserve processed products, hinders the functioning of the immune system.

Professor Robert Booy, from the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, spoke with 3AW Breakfast about the findings.

“We fight off the flu with cells in our immune system called T cells… these T cells recognise the cells infected by the flu and help to kill them,” he said.

“Apparently, in mice at least, the recognition is reduced and the virus becomes more rampant.”

The findings have not yet been tested on humans.

Professor Booy said there is no evidence that the food additive reduces the bodies ability to fight other diseases like cancer.

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