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‘A complete surprise’: Drivers caught out by VicRoads review system

VicRoads’ medical review system has come under scrutiny after Neil Mitchell uncovered at least two cases of people driving with a suspended licence and having no idea about it.

The system oversees drivers who have a medical condition, or disability.

Greg Dearman told Neil Mitchell he was pulled over by police on August 19 and was asked why he was driving with a suspended licence.

“Which was a complete surprise,” he said.

He’d had a medical review a month earlier, but it turns out that meant his licence was automatically suspended until his forms were processed.

“They never notified me,” Mr Dearman explained.

“It was most upsetting.

“Nobody wants to risk the law and with the cop programs on the TV you understand what the penalties are.”

But it wasn’t the only example.

Kaye told Neil Mitchell her brother was the victim of the same problem.

He was also pulled over by police and told his licence was suspended.

“Six months he was unlicensed – he had no idea,” she said.

VicRoads medical review area has recently transitioned to a new system that has resulted in staff taking “a little longer” to process cases.

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