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A Frankston man has been charged over the disappearance of a girl back in 1970

One of the most sensational cold cases in Australian criminal history has come to a dramatic conclusion.

Police have charged a 63 year old Frankston man with murder over the disappearance of Cheryl Grimmer in 1970. 

At the time Cheryl was three years old, at Fairy Meadow beach on the New South Wales South Coast with her family. 

She disappeared from a changing room, with her body never found. 

The suspect voluntarily went to speak to detectives yesterday. 

Mark Morri, crime editor of the Daily Telegraph, said it didn’t take long for charges to me made.

‘After a number of hours they [detectives] had a warrant and said we are changing you with murder,’ he told Ross and John.

Mark said with the amount of building and time that has gone past, there is very little chance of a body ever being found.

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