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A furious Daniel Andrews slams rule-breakers, as Victoria records eight new COVID-19 cases


A furious Premier has slammed “unacceptable” behaviour from Melburnians who selfishly flouted COVID-19 restrictions across the city on Friday night.

The warm weather saw many people flock to the park and beach, but it was the lack of masks, lack of social distancing and the gathering of large groups that caused most concern.

A TV news crew was swarmed by unruly beachgoers at St Kilda, who hugged and kissed the reporter and camera in clear violation of the COVID-19 advice.

Daniel Andrews admits he and his family were “furious” when they saw the vision.

“Nobody has the right to break the rules and potentially put at risk everything that good at good, decent, law-abiding Victorians have created and built,” he said.

“All of their sacrifice has to be worth something.”

He stressed it was only “a few more weeks” before restrictions would be eased.

Chief Health Officer said the behaviour was “a bit of an insult” to those who’ve been doing the right thing.

Victoria recorded eight new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, with another three people dying with the coronavirus.

There are still 241 active cases of the virus in Victoria.

11,281 tests were processed since Friday.

Victoria Police will be out in force this weekend, with the warm weather here to stay.

“It’s really important that nobody does anything between now and the 19th of October to jeopardise everything Victorians have done, everything Victorians have given and everything that Victorians have sacrificed over these recent months,” Daniel Andrews said.