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A furious Neil Mitchell slams the ‘disgraceful’ state of Victoria’s youth justice system

A furious Neil Mitchell has slammed the ‘disgraceful’ state of Victoria’s youth justice system.

The 3AW Mornings host said the state was fast becoming a laughing stock nationally.

He said the system needed to move away from the therapeutic model, which focuses on the health and welfare of young offenders in the hope of rehabilitation.

‘It’s a disgrace. It’s in disarray,’ Neil Mitchell said.

‘It should not be under the welfare system as it is.

‘It should be under corrections.

‘Treat them like the dangerous thugs they are.

‘It is absolutely unbelievable and disgraceful that this situation exists.

‘Victoria is getting a reputation in this country and it’s a reputation which upsets me.

‘We’re being seen as a crime capital.

‘We’re being seen as incompetent.’

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Opposition leader Matthew Guy said the buck stopped with the Premier.

‘This is what happens when you weaken bail laws, when you weaken sentencing laws,’ he said.

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