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‘A guy walks into a bar…’: Ross’s joke in full

Ross and John spent two minutes this morning discussing the location of jokes.
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But there was one joke in there that Ross promised to tell, but didn’t quite nail on-air, so he’s sharing it with you in full in writing….
A guy walks into a bar and orders three beers. The bartender pours them for him. He then takes equal sips from each beer and proceeds to do so until all glasses are empty. He pays and leaves.
He does this every day for a week before the bartender decides to ask what that’s all about.

“Why do you come in and order three beers, and then take equal sips from them until they are empty?” asks the bartender.

The guy replies: “Well, I’ve got three brothers. We used to meet up every evening for a beer, but they had to move out of town. So we’ve decided that each of us will drink three beers every day, one for each of us.”

The bartender’s curiosity is sated. The guy continues to do this for about a month, until he comes in one day and orders only two beers.

“I’m sorry for your loss”, says the bartender.

The guy is confused, and then says “oh no, nobody died. I just quit drinking.”