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A Melbourne Council is fed up with lazy dog owners

Last week the Rumour File was told that a local council would not be replacing a gate on an oval to make it less dog-friendly. 

Today, The Age has reported Bayside Council is removing gates from 12 sporting grounds to address the dog pooing on its ovals.

Colin Anderson, former president of the Cheltenham Football and Netball Club says there are a small number of people that are irresponsible.

‘Ninety per cent of the people are pretty good at it, but there’s that minority who aren’t,’ Colin told Ross and John. 

He says Cheltenham’s John Barker Oval isn’t in fact ‘a lead-free park’ and this decision won’t deter people. 

‘Our ground has signs on it notifying dogs must be on a leash at all times,’ he said. 

‘People go into the ground, pull the gates closed and let their dogs run free.’

Within the next year gates will be removed from Donald MacDonald Reserve, William Street Reserve, Chisholm Reserve, Boss James Reserve, Castlefield Reserve and Brighton Beach Oval.

Speaking on 3AW Drive, Mayor of the Bayside City Council, Councillor Alex del Porto said ‘distracted owners’ who don’t pick-up after their dog are a real problem.

‘We have kids playing sports and ending up with poo on their faces, on their clothes, on their bodies.’ he said.

Councillor del Porto said dogs digging holes in the 12 sporting grounds costs the council, and removing gates will save money.

‘We expect to save $144,000 dollars with less pot-holes to be filled in-during the year.’

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