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A mother’s plea in the face of bullying goes viral on social media

Article image for A mother’s plea in the face of bullying goes viral on social media

A desperate mother has taken to social media to show the impacts of bullying.

The Queensland mum filmed her primary school-aged son to show the impacts of what she claims was hurtful behaviour from fellow students.

While the child, whose identity 3AW has chosen to blur, threatens self-harm, his mum asks for advice on how to help and slams current anti-bullying measures.

The video, which lasts for more than six minutes, had been viewed more than 2 million times on his mother’s Facebook page.

“It is one of the most distressing videos I have seen but it is important,” Neil Mitchell said in highlighting the video.

“Parents should be aware of this. It’s evidence that we certainly haven’t fixed the bullying problem, despite all the programs.”

Sam Drummond is a former producer on Neil’s program, who now works in law.

He’s a disability advocate and has a form of dwarfism himself.

“It’s tough viewing,” Sam told Neil Mitchell.

“It definitely brings things back for me and as a new parent, and for any parent watching that, all you can think about your own child going through that and what would you do.”

He said what happens at home was crucial in stamping bullying out.

“This child needs to know that he isn’t the problem, it’s the other kids,” Sam said.

WARNING: The below video is a short excerpt of the full post, but some may still find the content distressing

If you or anyone you know needs help, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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