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A new report shows that school principals are being bullied every day

AFL Reporter Matt Thompson knows what’s it’s like to lose a parent to suicide.

His father, Dr Mark Thompson, was a school principal in Melbourne’s northern suburbs but took his own life at the end of 2014 due to what the family strongly believe were work stresses.

A damning new report released by ANU shows that school principals are subject to intimidation and threats every day. The Australian Principal Occupation Health, Safety and Wellbeing survey also shows that principals are five times more likely to be threatened whilst at work.

Matt Thompson said the report hit close to home for him and was not surprised by the findings.

‘My mum is still a principal.  We continually hear stories about the really tough experiences that principals face on a daily basis,’ he told Tony Jones. ‘A lot of trivial issues that parents would attempt to escalate would cause so much stress.’

‘My dad was a great educator. His focus right throughout his career was always on putting the students first…but he spent so much time dealing with trivial complaints from parents.’

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Tony Jones speaks to Associate Professor Philip Riley from the Australian Catholic University, and AFL reporter Matt Johnson who lost his father to suicide