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A new trial for early Alzheimers hopes to slow down the illness

A new trial for early Alzheimers hopes to slow the progression of the illness. 

It is hoped transcranial magnetic stimulation will allow healthy brain function to be maintained and restored. 

Kate Hoy from Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre Neuroscientists says it is a ‘non-invasive’ way of stimulating brain cells. 

‘Magnetic pulses are applied through a coil and they pass freely into the brain and cause the cells to fire,’ Professor Hoy told Ross and John. 

While the trial is still in the early stages of its four year term, the results of 12 patients who have so far received the treatment were promising. 

‘We are hoping it will improve the current skills of people with Alzheimers such as thinking and slow the progression of the illness.’ 

The trial is looking for a total of 100 participants. 

For more information, call 9076 9864. 

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