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A remarkable call from a man whose business has been devastated by fires and COVID-19

A call to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell has provided an honest glimpse into the real effects COVID-19 shutdowns are having on the most heavily affected Victorians.

Chris, whose bus tour business has been devastated by bushfires and COVID-19, called to wish his wife a happy 25th anniversary.

Then his call took another turn, as he shared the story of his struggle this year.

Press PLAY below for the call.

“Retrenching my staff is something I never want to do again. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s been hard. No man likes to admit it, I’ve cried a lot behind closed doors, but I’ve got to be strong for my staff and my family.

“I know how important it is to treat your staff right and it’s broken my heart to see two or three marriage break ups, an attempted suicide.”

Chris said he doesn’t know if his business will make it through the shutdown.

“I’m just living and breathing at the moment,” he said.

“As long as you’re living there’s always hope.

“As long as you’ve got hope there’s always something.”