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‘A ridiculous situation’: Error in coronavirus legislation leaves renters unable to end leases

A drafting error in the emergency legislation put into place to help protect tenants and landlords during the coronavirus pandemic has left renters unable to vacate their properties.

Under the emergency legislation, tenants can only give notice of their intention to vacate a property if they can prove they are experiencing severe hardship.

The legislation leaves those wishing to leave a property for reasons other than financial hardship trapped.

Tenants Victoria CEO Jennifer Beveridge said the odd situation is the result of a mistake, not an intended impact.

“The legal experts are saying it’s a drafting error, it goes against the intent,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“That clearly is a ridiculous situation that needs to be addressed.

“We need the government to amend this error.”

Last week, Tenants Victoria, along with several other organisations, sent a letter to the government requesting the issue be resolved immediately.

They are yet to receive a response.

Anyone who is unable to end a lease because of the error to contact their local MP and Tenants Victoria for assistance.

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