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“A secret shame”: Government’s refusal to release more than 100 documents until after the state election

There are growing concerns over the Government’s failure to release crucial departmental documents, including those on youth gangs and the fire services, before the state election.

With the election now just 45 days away, more than 100 annual reports are ready to be tabled, but yet to be released.

“It’s a shame, a con, a secret shame,” Neil Mitchell said.

“The state government is sitting on 100 crucial reports until after the election that tell you where your money is being spent and whether it’s being spent well.

“I’ve never heard of this happening, they could have been tabled with a pile of others, but they’re just sitting there.

“Heaven only knows what’s in these things, criticism, overspending, questions, failures.

“I don’t trust the government, they should have been tabled weeks ago but they weren’t.

“The government has decided they might be dangerous and they’ve made them secret.”

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Among the reports yet to be tabled are:

  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Youth gangs
  • Surgery waiting lists, Emergency Department performances
  • Transport department, which covers the handling of the Level Crossings
  • Adult Parole Board
  • The Office of Public Prosecutions
  • The Metropolitan Fire Brigade
  • Sentencing Guidelines Council
  • V/Line
  • The Coroner’s Court