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A sight for sore eyes

The Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing has told Tony Jones that of the 430,000 Victorians that were tested over a 22 day period, 25,000 were caught breaking the law.

  • 1,000 caught not wearing a seatbelt.
  • 1,300 caught using mobile phones
  • 7,651 caught speeding

Mr Fryer told Tony Jones that 1 in 11 drivers on New Year’s Eve tested positive for illicit drugs. Vic Roads provided a photo from New Year’s Day showing the toll from New Year’s Day breath-testing on the Chandler Highway in Alphington.

  • One car was impounded because the driver had a suspended license.
  • One was impounded because the driver blew over .1
  • And another was impounded because the driver was disqualified and refused to undertake a breath test.

Mr Fryer urged Victorians not to combine illicit drugs with driving.

‘I’m not there as the moral police. I get that there are people out there that are going to use illicit drugs,’ he told Tony Jones, ‘it’s not about me being judgmental but simply asking if you’re going to do it, separate that behaviour from driving.’

257 lives were lost on Victorian Roads in 2015.  

Listen to Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer’s full interview with Tony Jones