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A smart new way forward for hospitality post-coronavirus

(Image: Spacecube / Instagram)

A  Victorian company has proposed a smart new outdoor dining solution for Melbourne restaurants for when coronavirus restrictions ease.

The company, called Spacecube, has been around for eight years specialising in pop up structures at major events.

At the start of this year they began pivoting to other areas in response to COVID-19.

CEO of Spacecube, Mark Davies, said the company has created pop-up multi-level restaurant solutions to boost outdoor dining capacity.

Spacecube’s pop-up dining spaces have an integrated rooftop terrace, rollout awnings and batten screens.

They are ready to roll and quick to deploy.

“We are going to give every person in hospitality a chance to get up and going again,” Mr Davies told Ross and Russel.

“We are working with every hospitality company to try and find a solution … If there is street parking let’s take it off and put Spacecube in front of it.

“All the councils have been super positive … and are opening up their doors.”

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