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US sports reporter defends himself after backlash to crimes against meat pies

An American sports journalist who was justifiably savaged on social media for eating a meat pie with cutlery this morning admitted to another grave crime to Ross and John.

He didn’t use sauce.

Not even ketchup.

“It didn’t come with instructions!” ESPN reporter Darren Rovell said.

Four’N Twenty pies are a hot topic in the US today with the Philadelphia 76ers set to host its first ever ‘Australian Heritage Night’ in celebration of Australian young gun Ben Simmons and Aussie expats in America.

Former Collingwood footballer Dane Swan will be there to teach the locals how to eat the pies.

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Rovell published his review on Twitter, and was jokingly beset upon for using a knife and fork.

The size of the reaction even prompted coverage in the New York post — ‘ESPN’s Darren Rovell pisses off entire continent with one meal‘.

His summary of the pie: “It’s actually pretty good.”

Mate, just wait until you try it with dead ‘orse…