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A Victorian bailed after fleeing police is in jail in NSW for the same offence

A Victorian who was granted bail after fleeing police is in jail in NSW for the same offence.

Kevin (not his real name) has told Neil Mitchell his 18-year-old son stole a neighbour’s car and was chased by police near Dandenong.

Police caught him, but he was released on bail the next morning.

He then stole Kevin’s car and was involved in a police chase in NSW. 

He has been jailed for six months under a NSW law against evading police.

‘My son turned to the police and said, ‘you can’t chase me after 160kph’, and the police officer turned around and said, ‘you’re in NSW now’,’ Kevin said.

Neil: It sounds as if Victoria is softer than NSW.

Kevin: Oh, definitely.

Kevin said he thanked the court for locking his son up.

‘I’ve got no control over him when he’s with me. He just does what he wants,’ Kevin said.

‘He’s had a lot of time to think (in jail). His attitude is a lot better.’

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