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‘A vote for decency’: $150k Barnaby and Vikki interview fails to pay off for Seven

Neil Mitchell says Australians have shown their decency in failing to tune into the $150,000 interview with Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion on Seven’s Sunday Night.

“Sunday Night came in as the ninth top rating show of the evening,” Jane Holmes told Neil in her regular TV segment.

“It would appear we weren’t interested.

“It was decisively beaten not only by The Voice but also by Mystery Road the new drama on the ABC.

“The other networks fired all their big shots and it worked.”

“A vote for decency!” Neil said.

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“It was embarrassing in parts,” Neil said.

“It was awkward.

“It was intrusive except they got paid so can’t complain about it.”

Metro viewers
1. Seven News: 1177000
2. Nine News: 1065000
3. House Rules: 882000
4. The Voice: 816000
5. Mystery Road, ABC: 786000
6. Masterchef: 781000
7. David Attenborough’s Tasmania, ABC: 750000
8. ABC News: 747000
9. Sunday Night: 631000
10. 60 Minutes: 429000

Photo: Seven