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A warning for people knocking back work for JobSeeker

New data from the National Skills Commission reveals more than half of employers are struggling to recruit workers, despite the nation’s growing unemployment rate.

Business owners fear generous JobSeeker payments are deterring people from looking for work, and want the government to take action.

Jenny Lambert from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirmed the labour market remains very flat.

And she has a message for anyone declining jobs.

“We’re certainly hearing that there’s some employers that are finding it hard to entice people off JobSeeker,” she told 3AW Breakfast.

“But we wouldn’t want to think that the labour market is in a condition to say that in an across-the-board experience.

“I would encourage those who are unemployed to not knock work back the opportunity to work, even if it’s less than their current JobSeeker payment.

“We know from the repeated evidence that the longer people remain unemployed, the harder it is for them to come back.

“They shouldn’t rely on getting a job in September if they can get a job now.”