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A worker has been run over by a ute stolen from a worksite near Southern Cross

A ute stolen from a construction site outside Southern Cross Station early Monday morning has been found. 

The ute was located around 10am on Monday by 3AW listener David in Upwey.

A 28 year old worker tried to stop the thief by jumping in front of the ute.

He suffered minor injuries as the offender sped off and was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. 

3AW Breakfast spoke with the owner of Momentum Traffic Management Nick Cashin.

Nick wasn’t onsite at the time, but when he heard his first concern is for his workmate.


A ‘Momentum Traffic Management’ Ute was stolen near Southern Cross station.

Listener David found the stolen ute, Click PLAY below to hear his call to Neil Mitchell

Click PLAY below to hear Nick tell Ross and John what happened