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ABC journalist Tracey Holmes defends herself (and James Hird) ahead of interview

The journalist who will interview James Hird on live television has defended herself against suggestions she is a ‘Hird sympathiser’.

And then defended Hird against accusations of being the architect of Essendon’s downfall.

Tracey Holmes will interview the former Bombers coach in Sydney on Sunday night.

It will be televised on ABC 24 before a live audience.

Speaking with Tony Jones on 3AW Mornings, Holmes said ‘my understanding is he isn’t being paid’ for the interview.

‘Yes, I’ve heard those descriptions (of being a ‘Hird sympathiser’), most of those coming from Melbourne because my interest in this story came right from the start when it was so apparent that this story is about so much more than a football club,’ she said.

‘I’ve always tried to stand back from the hubris, the emotion, the allegations that are not founded on fact.:

Moments later, Holmes was defending Hird against an editorial in The Age newspaper today.

‘I would question what that’s based on.’

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