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ABC presenter taken off-air slams broadcaster’s International Women’s Day policy

One of the men taken off-air by the ABC to celebrate International Women’s Day has slammed the move, predicting a backlash to the “identity politics”.

Only women are hosting ABC programs today and Tom Switzer, who normally hosts Behind The Lines on Radio National on Thursdays, told Neil Mitchell it’s a decision that risks leading to a Donald Trump-style political reaction.

“I think it’s identity politics gone crazy,” he said.

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“It seeks to divide people, and I don’t think it’s the way we should go about things.

“We’d be pretty crazy, frankly, if we don’t think this sort of identity politics won’t lead to a backlash — just think of Trump in America.”

“I think that journalists, like all professionals, should be judged on merit or performance, not gender nor race nor culture.

“The reality is the ABC — TV, radio — is already dominated by many talented female presenters,” he said, listing programs such as AM, World Today, PM, RN Breakfast, The Drum and 730 as programs spearheaded by

“So where’s the evidence of discrimination against women at the ABC?”

NEIL MITCHELL: You’ve crossed the line now. You’ll be banned from the tofu counter.