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ABC TV series ‘Bullied’ has done more harm than good according to psychologist

Leading psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has slammed the ABC’s new TV documentary series, ‘Bullied’.

Presented by Ian Thorpe, the show is described as ‘a controversial and compelling insight into the issue of bullying that brings victims and their classmates together, in an effort to help understand the impacts of bullying and create strategies for change.’

The show equipped young students in a Queensland school with hidden cameras to film their tormentors. The footage was then shown to the school as well as the boy’s classmates, but when the program finished, a disclaimer revealed the boy has not returned to school.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, Dr Carr-Gregg said the program has done more harm than good.

‘They went into that school without the permission of the school, the kids that were photographed, they were pixelated, but they were all filmed without permission, they didn’t know they were being filmed.’

‘These kids’ rights were violated, I feel very strongly that the kids who are featured in the program are now exposed to further victimisation…the kid who is bullied is clearly identified’, he said.

Queensland is the only state in Australia which allows hidden cameras.

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