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Aboriginal flag to fly permanently at Parliament House in Melbourne

3AW Drive host Tom Elliott says the Victorian government’s decision to fly the Aboriginal flag permanently at Parliament House makes him feel ‘uncomfortable’ and doesn’t achieve anything.

The iconic red, black and yellow flag will fly alongside the Australian and Victorian flags in a move to acknowledge indigenous Australians.

It had previously only been flown during reconciliation weeks.

Tom Elliott questioned what it would achieve.

‘I actually think we’re doing Aboriginal people a disservice,’ he said.

‘Flying a flag above Parliament House will not help Aboriginal unemployment, or raise living standards, or help Aboriginal kids get to school, or stop them suffering from domestic violence.

‘It’s these sort of ‘symbols’ we’re into that don’t really mean anything.’

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But Rodney Carter, CEO of Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation, told Tom Elliott it wasn’t received that way.

He said it instilled a sense of pride.

‘It’s about really moving on,’ he said.

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