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Aboriginal leaders need to be ‘lined up and on message’, says Mifsud

One of Victoria’s most senior Aboriginal voices has called on the ‘pillars’ of the community to pull in the same direction.

Jason Mifsud has recently been announced as the executive director of Aboriginal affairs in the Victorian government, and he told Tom Elliott the first port of call is to ensure the main leaders of the community pull in the same direction, to ensure the system doesn’t fail the community.

‘You need the Premier, the Minister, the department secretary… those critical pillars all lined up and on message,’ Mr Mifsud said.

Mr Mifsud said even symbolic gestures make a significant impact.

‘Outside of Dreamtime at the G, the Aboriginal community don’t see a reflection of itself symbolically, culturally, in positions of leadership,’ he said.

‘We don’t have an Aboriginal visibility in the media, so therefore, do we have a balanced debate?

‘We need to start dealing in hope, not hopelessness.’

Mr Mifsud said that’s what makes the sporting field a ‘really important equaliser’.

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