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‘Absolute nonsense’: Lord Mayor slams oBike claims

Robert Doyle has rubbished oBike’s claims the company will collect wayward bikes that have been dumped around the city.

“That’s nonsense, absolute nonsense,” the Lord Mayor told Neil Mitchell.

“I go out into Clarendon street near home and there’s a pile of them that have been lying outside the Coppersmith hotel for I think, at least a month.”

It comes after oBike revealed on the 3AW that about 40 per cent of all helmets were stolen or lost, since the since the bikes hit the streets in June.

The Lord Mayor said the company needs to be regulated and council will consider charging the company if changes aren’t made.

“I’d like to see them better regulated, I’m always prepared to keep on talking but I’d like to see some action.

“It has side effects around urban clutter and obstruction.”

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