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‘Absurd, undemocratic and offensive’: Political correctness gone mad in the military

Neil Mitchell has slammed the latest move from politically correct defence chiefs who have told members of the Australian military to signal if they are an LGBTI ‘ally’ on the national ADF staff directory.

As reported in The Herald Sun, members of the defence force have been told to put a rainbow flag next to their name, in an attempt to show “inclusion and embrace diversity”.

Neil said, despite being a strong supporter of the LGBTI community, would not put a flag next to his name.

“It’s my business, not the army’s, not the bosses,” Neil said.

“This is political correctness blended with social engineering.

“They’re being told to show support publicly, so if you decide to not put a flag next to your name, are you a bigot?”

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“It is absurd, it is undemocratic, pointless and offensive,” he added.

Macquarie University Historian Dr Shirleene Robinson, who has studied the involvement of LGBTI people in the military, said the army is being inclusive to all, because it’s not compulsory.

“I think that the ADF is an institution that has taken a really strong stance on LGBTI issues and is a place of acceptance, the fact that it is optional shows that,” Dr Robinson said.

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