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Accused Barbie doll bomb plotter retracts confession, declares he’s innocent

One of the men accused of plotting to blow up a plane 20 minutes after take-off from Sydney has retracted his confession, declaring he is not a terrorist.

Police allege three brothers plotted to put a bomb — hidden in a meat mincer and barbie doll — on an Etihad flight in July last year, but security prevented the items from being brought aboard.

The luggage was deemed too heavy.

News Corp’s European Correspondent Ellen Whinnett, who reported fresh details today, told Ross and John two of the brothers who pleaded not guilty are in custody in Australia.

A third, 40-year-old Amer Khayat, appeared in court in Lebanon where he retracted an earlier confession.

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Mmystery surrounds the whereabouts of a fourth brother.

“There is a fourth brother … but family believe he was killed,” Whinnett said.

“Police documents say he was a commander within Islamic State that organised attacks in the west.”