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AFL boss Gillon McLachlan responds to critics of wage structure in new women’s league

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has hit back at critics of how much the league’s first female players will be paid.

It’s been announced players in the new women’s league will receive $5000 for their seven-week season.

Many believe it’s not enough, given what men are paid.

But McLachlan said on 3AW it was an ‘unfair’ comparison and wanted fans to look at the bigger picture.

‘We’ll be investing many millions of dollars next year,’ the league chief executive said on Sports Today.

‘The total player payments for the seven-week season will be about $1.6 million next year.

‘We’re investing in coaches, conditioning, facilities and starting this league from scratch.

‘That will build from many millions in year one and will be tens of millions of dollars over the next five years.

‘I just don’t believe it’s a fair comparison.

‘I understand people’s comments, but I’d just like them to look at the journey we’re on, the investment we’re making and where we are going with this.’

McLachlan said he hoped coaches and players could earn a full-time living from the women’s league within five years.

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