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AFL boss Gillon McLachlan says Good Friday football still ’50-50′ in 2017

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan admits he’s still ’50/50′ on Good Friday football.

There’s a strong push for the league to break with tradition and play a match on one of the most sacred days on the religious calendar.

While the idea keeps gaining momentum, the AFL chief executive told 3AW he was still torn on the matter.

‘I’m a bit divided, I must say,’ he said.

Religious leaders have pleaded with the AFL to keep the status quo.

The news, meanwhile, appears to be more certain for St Kilda fans when it comes to next year’s fixture.

McLachlan said the improving Saints were unlikely to play as many Sunday games in 2017.

They’ve been fixtured to play 10 this season.

Half of those games have started after 3pm, a notoriously unpopular time slot with fans.

‘I doubt they’ll get that many next year,’ McLachlan told a concerned 3AW caller.

‘They’re going pretty well, St Kilda, so I reckon that means they’ll get a couple of Friday nights next year, which means you get less Sunday.’

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