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AFL must deter players from driving head forward

It is time for the AFL Laws of the Game committee to deter players from driving their head forward while escaping congestion with the ball.

In a passionate editorial on Sports Today, Gerard Healy said it is ‘a matter of luck’ that there has only been one quadriplegic at the highest level, which is one too many.

Footscray Bulldogs player Neil Sachse became a quadriplegic from an incident in 1975 at the Western Oval, thankfully there have been no other victims in the VFL or AFL since.

Healy, the 1988 Brownlow medallist, is concerned for the modern day player’s safety on the back of an action which has crept back into the game.

‘The practice of picking up the ball and using your head as a battering ram and a leading part of your body to extricate yourself from congestion is now common practice,’ Healy said.

‘It’s on a one way track to another quadriplegic result and should be deemed illegal before it’s too late.

‘One quadriplegic is one too many.’

The AFL Laws of the Game committee met today to discuss a range of issues surrounding the game and Healy hopes the issued was raised.

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