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AFL needs to ‘send message’ and suspend Dustin Martin, says Rita Panahi

The AFL must suspend Dustin Martin for 10 to 12 weeks if it wants to be taken seriously, says Rita Panahi.

The Herald Sun columnist described Martin’s reported actions on Saturday night as both frightening and disturbing.

She said the AFL needed to send a message.

‘If everything is at is seems, I think he needs a lengthy suspension of 10 to 12 weeks,’ Rita Panahi said on 3AW Drive.

‘You need to send a message.

‘You can’t just talk a strong game and say the AFL is vehemently against violence against women and is a community leader in changing attitudes and then have a star behave like that and just give him a fine.

‘This is a man on a very substantial contract.

‘A fine isn’t going to hurt him that much, weeks off will.

‘And you’ve got to send a message.’

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