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AFP raid Labor office and home of staffer


The AFP deny they have bowed to political pressure and say they worked within the law following raids overnight. 

Federal police raided the office of a Labor senator overnight, overshadowing the party’s election campaign.

Detectives last night went through Stephen Conroy’s office in Melbourne, and the home of a staffer of Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare.

It follows the alleged leak of documents from the National Broadband Network.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has questioned if Malcolm Turnbull has something to hide – branding the raids as ‘extraordinary’ – but the Prime Minister has denied any government involvement in the raids.

But AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin says The Force acts independently and within the law.

Neil Mitchell spoke with a former senior officer of the AFP, officer John Coyne who says there is no chance the AFP bowed to political pressure. 

‘Not at all’ – ‘I would put my hand on my heart’.

‘Understand what’s going down here and what’s been said in the public is really business from the reality.’

‘There has been an allegation that a leak has occurred… and that leak has not been authorised by government.’

Neil says he won’t criticise leaks – ‘There is material here that should have been made public.’


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