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After COVID-19: How post-pandemic life in Melbourne will be different

A new report has revealed that as COVID-19 restrictions ease, Melburnians will not return to the life as they lived it before the pandemic.

Strategic insights company, Nature, surveyed more than a thousand Melburnians, and found many won’t return to visiting restaurants and pubs, sporting events, concerts, cinemas, museums and galleries as often as they did before coronavirus.

Managing Partner of Nature, Chris Crook, said there are several reasons for the change.

“Some people have got financial concerns, other people have got heightened health concerns,” he told Ross and Russel.

“One in every two Melburnians are saying they’re going to go back at a level which is less often than they used to.”

Mr Crook said the survey also revealed why many Melburnians who return to work may end up going back to working from home.

“The things that people look for in going to the workplace, which is communal connection, catching up with people in the kitchen, or in meeting rooms, or over the water cooler, when they return to the office … a lot of those things won’t actually be there, available, they might be shut down or in a very different form,’ he said.

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